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Special Event: SkinOwl at Kor180 in Austin!

Annie Tevelin argan oil event Kor180 party skinowl

 Attention all of our Austin based beauties!  Come out to Kor180 tomorrow night to meet Annie Tevelin, aka The SkinOwl!   Here are all the details... Hope to see you there!

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A SkinOwl Exclusive: The Parliament

membership club owl parliament skinowl vip

Par·lia·ment   /ˈpärləmənt/: The literary collective noun for a group of owls.     The sky's the limit.  Request an Invite by Clicking Above. 

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SkinOwl Featured on CamilleStyles.Com!

Annie Tevelin press SkinOwl

We are so excited to have SkinOwl's founder, Annie Tevelin, featured on Camille Styles' homepage today!  Visit the article HERE to get a behind the scenes glimpse into the life of the SkinOwl, including insights on what Annie does to unwind and some of her personal skincare tips!   We want to give a special thanks to Maja Kermath of Kor180, for introducing the SkinOwl to the beautiful Camille Styles and always being a true believer in SkinOwl's philosophy and skincare products from the start! Image by Robyn Eden.

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Call of the Owl: Owlene

owl Owlene SkinOwl

Meet Owlene, SkinOwl's beauty buff mascot! You might recognize this purple beauty from our logo. Owlene travels the globe looking for Owl Inspirations! From time to time, she reports back to us and lets us know what's happening in the "Owl World."  She comes across everything from exotic Owls in their natural environment to useful (and adorable!) products that come in the shape of an Owl! So, when you see her appear on the blog like this... You'll know that Owlene has given it her stamp of approval! Of course, Owlene is very busy, so if YOU see any fun...

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What's Your NYE Look? Get Inspired by SkinOwl!

beauty dreams eyes health love makeup new year's eve organic pamper post skincare SkinOwl youth

   Glowing, dewy skin? Red luscious lips? Smoky shimmering eyes?     I love Rachel McAdams' look! What about you?    Tell us your favorite look to ring in the New Year :)

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