Call of the Owl: Owlene

Meet Owlene, SkinOwl's beauty buff mascot! You might recognize this purple beauty from our logo. Owlene travels the globe looking for Owl Inspirations! From time to time, she reports back to us and lets us know what's happening in the "Owl World."  She comes across everything from exotic Owls in their natural environment to useful (and adorable!) products that come in the shape of an Owl!

So, when you see her appear on the blog like this...

You'll know that Owlene has given it her stamp of approval!

Of course, Owlene is very busy, so if YOU see any fun and unique Owl decor while out shopping (or any other cool Owls in nature), then don't be shy, show us and we'll run it by Owlene.  If she likes it, we'll share it with our followers and give it Owlene's Stamp of Approval!

Happy Hunting! 

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