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Your Daily SkinOwl Inspiration for Tuesday, December 11, 2012 :)

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Good Morning TUESDAY! it's time for our daily dose of SkinOwl Inspiration for Tuesday, December 11th, 2012! Here we go! A lifetime ago, I worked in the TV and FIlm Industry. I moved out here, after graduating from Indiana University, to pursue a career in the Entertainment Industry, hoping to become a Film Director. Early on, I realized this was not the career for me, and contrary to popular belief, what they teach you in college, doesn't always prepare you for the real world. Specifically, when it comes to the aforementioned industry. No class or teacher could have prepared me...

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Your Daily SkinOwl Inspiration for Wednesday, December 5th, 2012 :)

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Good Morning!  It's the first post of the morning and time for your Daily SkinOwl Inspiration for Wednesday, December 5th, 2012!  Here. We Go.  I remember, a few years ago, someone asking me the following: "Think of the kindest person you know. Now think of the happiest. Is it the same person?" I think about this question often and to this day, it still drives me forward. Happiness doesn't need any airs, any grand entrances, or over compensations. Being happy is so often the fulfilled relationship we have with our outside world. Very few things make us as happy as being...

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Your Daily SkinOwl Inspiration for Friday, November 30th, 2012 :)

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It's Friday! This week FLEW by! Anyone else agree? Maybe it's a Post-Thanksgiving thing, but I kept thinking Wednesday was Tuesday, Thursday was Wednesday, and so on. Alas, our favorite day of the work week is here and nothing says Friday more than a Daily SkinOwl Inspiration. Here we go with this week's inspiration finale!  Yesterday, we talked about DREAM BURNERS and DREAM WEAVERS. Today, we are turning the topic to GOSSIP. Specifically, GOSSIPERS. Someone close to me once told me, "Don't ever tell a secret to someone who is dying to know it. They only want to know so...

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Stupendous Product Alert! {*Mascara*}

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So. I've gotten a lot of requests for ALL-NATURAL & AMAZING mascara options and after much market research, I've got a good one. A REALLY good one.  PHYSICIANS FORMULA ORGANIC WEAR 100% NATURAL ORIGIN JUMBO LASH MASCARA! Check this out:  * 100% of the Total Ingredients are from Natural Origin. * 47% of the Total Ingredients are from Organic Farming. * 100% Dramatic Volume & Glamour. * OrganiSoy® Moisturizes and helps nourish lashes. * Eco-Olive, a natural antioxidant, shields lashes from harsh environmental aggressors.  Nab it at CVS or Ulta/Ulta.Com for $9.99 :) Do three coats at the root of...

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Your Daily SkinOwl Inspiration for Thursday, November 29th, 2012 :)

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Good Morning Drizzly Thursday!  Waking up to rain is the world's best alarm clock. The gentle pitter patter against your window, although luring you back to sleep, is a warm, cozy way to begin the day. The second best way to begin your day? With a warm cup of Daily SkinOwl Inspiration! So grab a blanket and nestle in. It's that time again :) Let's start it off with a question. How many of you have been on the other end of, what I like to call, a DREAM BURNER? Not to be mistaken with a DREAM WEAVER. Dream burners...

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