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Article: Your Daily SkinOwl Inspiration for Thursday, November 29th, 2012 :)


Your Daily SkinOwl Inspiration for Thursday, November 29th, 2012 :)

Good Morning Drizzly Thursday! 

Waking up to rain is the world's best alarm clock. The gentle pitter patter against your window, although luring you back to sleep, is a warm, cozy way to begin the day. The second best way to begin your day? With a warm cup of Daily SkinOwl Inspiration! So grab a blanket and nestle in. It's that time again :)

Let's start it off with a question. How many of you have been on the other end of, what I like to call, a DREAM BURNER? Not to be mistaken with a DREAM WEAVER. Dream burners do exactly what it sounds like they do - they kill, sabotage, and extinguish your dreams, goals, and aspirations. They are threatened by the success of others, mostly those close to them, and revel in putting you down and shutting down your dreams, not matter how big. When you tell them what you want out of your life, their response is equal to a pat on the head and a "there there." These are, without a doubt, dream burners. 

Let it be known, DREAM BURNERS don't always act maliciously. There are the few instances where, due to lack of communication, DREAM BURNERS don't know what they are doing. For example, an office mate might not know you're trying to cut down on coffee when she "tops you off" without asking. Similarly, your best friend might not know your inner struggles with portion control when she asks you to help finish her side of french fries. More often than not, people do things without thinking, and if we don't speak up, we are left to silently discipline and drive ourselves, which isn't always easy. Of course, voicing our dreams and hopes isn't easy either when a DREAM BURNER is lurking. 

DREAM WEAVERS, on the other hand, aren't threatened by the emotional, financial, romantic, and physical success of others. They are instrumental in pushing you closer and closer to your wants, without hesitation. They are rich in the things that matter and have no qualms about sharing the wealth. Maybe it's because they have basked in the glow of success themselves or because "paying it forward" is the only option. They take the long view on life, brushing off life's inevitable mini melodramas. They don't have time to sweat the setbacks. They are too busy preparing for quantum leaps. 

DREAM BURNERS will eventually extinguish the fire within you. They will make you feel "less than" and do not possess the skills to push you forward, to keep you focused, and to keep you working hard. They drain the energy NEEDED to pursue dreams. And if you aren't living a life that resembles you, you can check a lot more than energy off the list. If you want more, expect more. Smile more. Even if you don't want to. Your life is precious, unique, and special. Just like you. 

With love, 
Your SkinOwl 

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