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Article: Your SkinOwl Daily Inspiration for Wednesday, November 28th, 2012 :)


Your SkinOwl Daily Inspiration for Wednesday, November 28th, 2012 :)

Good Morning! 

Anyone in need of some inspiration to start off the day? You've come to the right place. Here is your Daily SkinOwl Inspiration for Wednesday, November 28th, 2012. 

This morning, I went on a long walk around my neighborhood. After falling asleep last night at 9 PM (a rare occurrence, indeed), I was up bright and early and in the mood to move. Let it be known that houses in West Hollywood are officially in HOLIDAY MODE. Lights were strewn amongst the many trees, wreaths were hanging, and one house had already mounted a sleigh on top of their roof. In addition, dogs were being walked, and several joggers were making their way through the cold brisk air. The scene, as a whole, was quite inspiring. 

With so many of us hustling our way around our respective towns, tackling to-do lists and daily grinds, it's nice to stop and witness people "filling in the blanks." After a long day or week, we all need outlets, mediums for expression, and opportunities to come up for air. Decorating your house, going for a jog, these are all examples of this. And more often than not, these actions are happening all around us. Mini motivators that remind us to stop and smell the brownies that are now burning in the oven because we were moving too fast. Watching someone jog past me made me pick up my pace. Watching the early morning glow of someone else's holiday lights made me put fresh candles around the house. A mirror is always being held up

In the end, the Law of Attraction, wherein like attracts like, is an amazing thing. We are all setting examples for each other. For the children we walk by. The people that depend on us. The people we don't know. The people we don't even see. Our actions dictate a sense of rhythm in the world around us. 

Let this be a time of good will, good cheer and good heartedness. Even if you don't see it, someone is watching :)

With love, 
Your SkinOwl

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