Your Daily SkinOwl Inspiration for Friday, November 30th, 2012 :)

It's Friday! This week FLEW by! Anyone else agree? Maybe it's a Post-Thanksgiving thing, but I kept thinking Wednesday was Tuesday, Thursday was Wednesday, and so on. Alas, our favorite day of the work week is here and nothing says Friday more than a Daily SkinOwl Inspiration. Here we go with this week's inspiration finale! 

Yesterday, we talked about DREAM BURNERS and DREAM WEAVERS. Today, we are turning the topic to GOSSIP. Specifically, GOSSIPERS. Someone close to me once told me, "Don't ever tell a secret to someone who is dying to know it. They only want to know so they can take your secret and spread it around." This remains pretty powerful, years later. Defined as "idle talk or rumor about the personal or private affairs of others," gossip can be a slippery slope. Although innocent at times, gossip doesn't stop at Brangelina, Jessica Simpson's baby weight, or Joan Rivers' face lifts. Gossip filters its way out of Hollywood and into the lives of people we know. It comes back to haunt US and can ruin our reputation and sense of self. 

As we go through life, we will be on the other end of many gossipers. Note: You'll know they are in front of you once there is a lull in the conversation. Keep an eye on what topic they bring up or, rather, WHO they begin talking about. It's habitual. Whether you're on the end of a horrible rumor or at the end of a lie that took you forever to shake off, it's never fun. No matter what, just stay focused and stay true to yourself. If you find yourself in the "ring of gossip fire," just stay neutral. Once they realize they aren't getting any juice from you, they will drop it. It works every time. Who wants to gossip with someone who doesn't keep the conversation escalating? :)

With that, have a beautiful weekend! You are an amazing force of nature and if people want to talk about you, let them. You are pretty amazing, after all. We have no control over what is said. We can only control our input. In the end, you'll probably be too busy being awesome to chime in at all :)

Have a beautiful weekend, 
Your SkinOwl

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