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Wise Words: Positive Thinking

affirmation inspiration positive wisdom

  Words to live by! Nothing affects outer beauty like inner beauty! Happy, consistent, positive thinking is the first step to good skin-care!  When you have positive thoughts you feel good. When you feel good you are happy. And when you're happy you glow from your head to your toes! Sounds like the look we're going for! 

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Ooh La Trend: Bejeweled Makeup

bejewel eyes glitter inspiration lips makeup shimmer sparkle

The holidays might be over but that doesn't mean that you can't still add some glitz and glam to your look!  We always love the idea of adding a little shimmer to an evening look.  After all what woman out there doesn't want to sparkle!   Check out some of our favorite "Bejeweled Inspirations" that drive home the connection between makeup artistry and self expression. There is no RIGHT color to wear at all times, no STYLE that is better than another. It is an endless waterfall of imagination, color, and ingenuity.    What colors do you like to use...

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Wise Words: If You Love Me...

inspiration love positive wisdom

  Valentine's Day might be over but that doesn't mean you have to stop letting people know how much you love them!  It's always a wonderful feeling to give and receive love. Mostly when we don't always make time for it! We move quickly throughout our lives, pushing aside personal acts of love for a "better time" or "tomorrow" or the day after that. In the words of The Beatles, "Tomorrow Never Knows." So, use this as your reminder that life is short and fleeting.  Decorate the world with your love! 

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Ooh La Trend: Eye-deas

eye inspiration makeup

If eyes are the windows to one's soul, then eyeliner must be the drapes!  Eyeliner opens up the eye, allowing different looks for different settings. Sick of black & brown? Smudge navy, olive green, or cranberry around the lash-line to show off your personal eye color. Apply eyeliner to your upper lid to elongate your lash-line and help give your eyes a fuller curve & shape. Apply eyeliner to your bottom lid to dramatizes your eye color and take your look from day to night!  Print out this fun chart for inspiration when you're in need of something new! Tell us! Which is...

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Wise Words: We Believe What We Tell Ourselves

affirmation inspiration positive wisdom

  Sometimes we all need a little reassurance. This list of positive affirmations is a great thing to print out and keep by your computer or pin to your inspiration board. Use it as a way to remind yourself of all the things that you are and that you want. In the end, we truly believe what we tell ourselves!

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