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Article: Ooh La Trend: Bejeweled Makeup


Ooh La Trend: Bejeweled Makeup

The holidays might be over but that doesn't mean that you can't still add some glitz and glam to your look!  We always love the idea of adding a little shimmer to an evening look.  After all what woman out there doesn't want to sparkle!  

Check out some of our favorite "Bejeweled Inspirations" that drive home the connection between makeup artistry and self expression. There is no RIGHT color to wear at all times, no STYLE that is better than another. It is an endless waterfall of imagination, color, and ingenuity. 


What colors do you like to use for a little shimmer? Gorgeous gold? Shimmering silver? Gorgeous gunmetal? 

Send us images of your favorite look to!

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