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Skinny Tips: Homemade Cuticle Cream

Posted by Annie Tevelin on

Want to make your own cuticle cream in the comfort of your own home?

Here's an easy & fun recipe with no chemicals added!
Whip up your own Honey Cuticle Cream in less than five minutes flat. And recycle your metal Altoid tins! How perfect is that?

DIY Honey Cuticle Cream
1.5 ounces beeswax
3 ounces apricot kernel oil (substitute half of the apricot kernel oil with SkinOwl's Argan Infusion for even more hydration)
1 tablespoon honey

Melt the wax and oil in the microwave, stir in the honey, and pour into tins or other containers.
Lather and enjoy!

Re-blogged from Le Petit Happy

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