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Fabulous Faces: Kate Bosworth

beauty face Kate Bosworth

Kate Bosworth is a natural beauty. With so many striking features to choose from, we had a hard time picking just ONE to highlight. After much deliberation, we found our favorite! Her eyes are two different colors!  With one hazel eye and one blue eye, a condition known as Heterochromia Iridum, Kate is the epitome of personal beauty. Her peaches and cream skin glows against her bright coral lips, which only makes her eyes sparkle that much more! Keep it up, Kate! We love your look!

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Fabulous Faces: Just Smile!

face happy smile

  Audrey Hepburn said it best. "Happiest girls are the prettiest."  We couldn't agree more!  The most beautiful makeup you can wear is your smile! 

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Skinny Tips: Cucumber Mint Facial Mask Recipe

face facial mask natural ingredients skin

What's in a Cucumber? A lot!  Cucumbers naturally stay 20 degrees cooler than their environment (hence the term “cool as a cucumber.”) It helps to draw heat out of the skin and has a calming effect. When blended with mint and aloe, this mask becomes a perfect post-sun treat for any skin condition (especially sensitive.) It’s a cinch to make at home and is gentle enough for “junior” spa-lovers to enjoy as well. We recommend applying this mask all the way down the decollete!   Cucumber Mint Mask ¼ cup cucumber, shredded with skin ¼ cup minced fresh mint leaves...

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Fabulous Faces: Drew Barrymore

celebrity Drew Barrymore face lip lip gloss makeup mascara simple

   We love this glowing, fresh-faced image of Drew Barrymore!  There is a sweetness and innocence to her that just pulled us right in.  A few coats of volumizing mascara, clean, buffed nails & a touch of peach gloss is all you need to make heads turn. Thanks Miss Barrymore for showing us how less is more when it comes to showcasing your natural beauty!  Who's your beauty icon?

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Fabulous Faces: Elizabeth Taylor

beauty celebrity elizabeth taylor eyes face inspiration lips red lips skin

Elizabeth Taylor was such a beauty!  We love the color contrast in this image of her red dress and red lips against her violet eyes and dark hair. A true stunner!  Did you know that she had an extra row of eyelashes which is actually a rare disorder called Distichiasis (pronounced dis-tic-key-i-asis)?  Doesn't sound so bad to us!

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