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Ooh La Trend: Winged Eyeliner and Bright Lips


Ooh La Trend: Winged Eyeliner and Bright Lips

  It's no wonder why we fell in love with the Winged Eyeliner over the Cat-Eye here at SkinOwl :)  We love the idea of pairing this ultra-luxe look with a bright, bold lip! This...

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Call of the Owl: Owl Sandwich

We know that your mother probably told you not to play with your food.....  But Owlene just might have found an exception to that  rule!   How adorable is this Owl Sandwich ...

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SkinOwl Approved: Jane Iredale's Illuminating Concealer

The SkinOwl just had to share this illuminating concealer with her favorite beauty buffs!  This product is unlike any concealer you have ever used! Its unique ingredients create a soft-fo...

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Fabulous Faces: Oscar Nominee Cynthia Wade

SkinOwl Founder, Annie Tevelin, was honored to spend Oscar Sunday doing makeup for Cynthia Wade; nominated for Best Documentary Director for her film, Monday's at Racine.   Here is a peek a...

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Ooh La Trend: Twistback Braid

You might not have eyes in the back of your head...  But how about a braid!   How gorgeous are these braids that wrap around the back of the head? We love keeping our hair up o...

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Wise Words: Positive Thinking

  Words to live by! Nothing affects outer beauty like inner beauty! Happy, consistent, positive thinking is the first step to good skin-care!  When you have positive thoughts you feel go...

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Ooh La Trend: Bejeweled Makeup

The holidays might be over but that doesn't mean that you can't still add some glitz and glam to your look!  We always love the idea of adding a little shimmer to an evening look.  After ...

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Skinny Tips: Homemade Cuticle Cream

Want to make your own cuticle cream in the comfort of your own home? Here's an easy & fun recipe with no chemicals added! Whip up your own Honey Cuticle Cream in less than five minutes fl...

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Annie Tevelin

Special Event: SkinOwl at Kor180 in Austin!

 Attention all of our Austin based beauties!  Come out to Kor180 tomorrow night to meet Annie Tevelin, aka The SkinOwl!   Here are all the details... Hope to see you there!

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Skingredients: Lavender

One of the most widely known benefits of Lavender is respiratory relief! It is especially beneficial to the respiratory tract in particular coughs, colds, and influenza. It eases breathing...

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