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Ooh La Trend: Twistback Braid

braid fashion hair style trend

You might not have eyes in the back of your head...  But how about a braid!   How gorgeous are these braids that wrap around the back of the head? We love keeping our hair up off our necks in the most stylish way possible. From loose & diagonal to tight & straight across, we can't get enough. It's always fun to surprise people and add that little extra touch of personal style that leaves them looking while you strut on!  For information on how to achieve this timeless braid and other fun twisty looks, go HERE.

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SkinOwl Purple: Stuart Weitzman's Studded Ballet Loafer

fashion loafers purple shoes

Looks like our favorite color has done it again! Loafers are ALL the rage and we are totally on board with this trend! After all, these shoes are super comfortable and add a little kick to your favorite jeans & a little sparkle to your dinner reservation :)    Pair these Stuart Weitzman loafers with a textured blazer or your favorite purple nail polish! Our favorite part? We found them on SALE on the Neiman Marcus website!  Click HERE to visit the product page and get all the details!

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Ooh La Trend: Rose Smoky Eye

eye fashion pink rose smokey eye trend

We're used to playing up a smoky eye with plum, charcoal, espresso, and black. But what about adding a rosy twist? This was love at first sight. Romantic Rose is a great way to add color around the eye at any age. Go as big and bold as you want, or take take a Q-tip and trace a pink shadow around your brown or black eyeliner, as an accent color.       

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Eye Inspiration: Graphic Eye Make-Up

color design eye fashion inspiration style

    Looking for something unique when it comes to eye makeup? How about a graphic or geometric design? This style is just different enough to set you apart but not too over-the-top to wear on a night out with the girls! We like using blacks and blues, so not to overpower the sassy shapes! 

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SkinOwl Purple: Nails, Ring, Clutch

fashion insp inspiration nails purple

  SkinOwl purple is regal, royal, and sophisticated. Just like you! That's why we are loving these deep purple nails, ring, and clutch. Throw different textures of the same color together for the perfect winter luxury look!

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