Your Daily SkinOwl Inspiration for Tuesday, December 4th, 2012 :)

Good Morning Beauties!

It's time for your Daily SkinOwl Inspiration for Tuesday, December 4th! We are in our final month of 2012, so it's important we all enjoy each day, mindfully. Hopefully, these are here to help!

Last night, I had the honor of being a part of an electrifying event in Santa Monica. It was titled, The Night of Beauty, and brought in 300 of the beauty industry's "buffest." Blowouts, manicures, and makeovers lined the walls of the Viceroy Hotel and women were flitting with excitement about the newest beauty must-haves. The energy was contagious and kept Team SkinOwl on their feet for three hours without checking the time.

One hour into the event, I was greeted by a friend that had been a part of SkinOwl since its inception. She was part of the Facebook group when it was @Artistry! Anyone else remember that? :)

She remembered when the company was a folding a chair and a brush set on the side of the street, talking skin with anyone who walked by. A few of the memories she mentioned, I had completely forgotten. I had forgotten about the first generation of shopping bags. And one of the first logo options in the beginning. My point in talking about this is two things:

1) When we are constantly looking forward, it's sometimes hard to see how far we've come.


2) People are paying attention even when you least expect it.

It's hard to look at life's journey as cumulative. It's easy to give more weight to the MOMENTS. These moments trick us into thinking they are most important. But at times, they can never outweigh the CUMULATION of events. The "Nights of Beauty" will always be electric and largely gratifying, but it is the JOURNEY in life that makes reflecting so sweet. And... it helps when you keep people with you throughout your journey to help remind you of where youv'e been.

Your SkinOwl

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Thank you for this post! It was much appreciated because I for one am always looking forward (too far forward probably)… it’s nice to stop and smell the roses every now and then. Like you said, it’s hard to truly embrace the progress that’s been made when you’re always looking toward the next step. Cheers Skin Owl to loving and living in the moment!

Steph Mignon December 05, 2012

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