Your SkinOwl Daily Inspiration for Monday, December 3rd, 2012 ;)

Good Morning Monday!

It's time for your Daily SkinOwl Inspiration for Monday, December 3rd, 2012! Look alive!

Have you ever thought about WHO you spend the most time with in your life? Maybe it's your husband? A family member? Maybe a boss or a business partner? Or your best friend? Although we are surrounded by TONS of people everyday, we see a select few more than others. Sometimes, by choice, other times it's out of our control. We will always have the same blood relatives, yet aside from family, the people in our outside world fluctuate. Friends change, boyfriends change (husbands, too), bosses change, co-workers change, neighbors change, etc. And WE change as people all along the way. It's not always easy to grow WITH people, mostly with all of life's shifts and transformations. The people closest to us are along for all of life's rides, good or bad.

In short, the company we keep is very similar to the act of breathing. Just as we inhale and exhale, in life, we take a little and leave a little with concern to the people around us. Not everything is meant to be analyzed, mimicked, or even thought twice about! The people around us ACT and it's our choice to REACT in a certain way. In a world where no one is perfect, where no one can read our minds and always act perfectly in tune with our needs, it's important that we take things at face value and for what they are. Staying an individual within your "network" of friends and family is key. Staying open minded is necessary. Staying on your own path, following your own destiny, is crucial. The company we keep should bring out the best in us, when it comes down to it. You should feel encouraged, championed, and supported.

I've heard several times, "Be the _________ you would want someone to be to you." Fill in the blank with friend/mother/employee/sibling/significant other. Be who you want to be deep down. Separate yourself from the emotion of other people's challenges. Separate from those who aren't giving you what you need NOW. After all, that's the only moment promised to us. When you do, the world will be yours to conquer and the people you surround yourself with will be there for a reason :)

With love,
Your SkinOwl

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I loved this inspiration! It IS hard to appreciate how far you’ve come if you’re always looking forward!!! Taking a minute to appreciate the here and now as a result :)

Steph Mignon December 05, 2012

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