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The Feel Good Guide

In creating a skincare brand, I realized how much I needed to 'up' my 'care' of self. Long nights on my computer and minimal time spent outside ran me ragged during the formative years of SkinOwl.

While a bubbling bath, whipped mask, or massage-filled manicure help soothe my soul (and nervous system), I have found that true self-preservation comes from setting boundaries - specifically with my wifi, water intake, and time indoors.

This was the motivation in creating "The Feel Good Guide," with my dear friend and mentor, Dr. Petra Dorfsman, a board-certified doctor of naturopathic medicine.

Dr. Dorfsman focuses on individuals experiencing chronic health challenges, most often caused by environment, mitochondrial function, and easy-to-modify habits that come with living in today's modern world. This guide will help you build your arsenal of knowledge, so that you can take action to protect, heal and hopefully transform the way you enjoy your life.

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The Feel Good Guide

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