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"All The Things" Travel Kit



This travel kit is ALL. THE. THINGS. At last, your beloved essentials are reunited in a vegetable fiber monogrammed pouch with a blush tassel. 'All The Things' encapsulates SkinOwl's best sellers and is the perfect companion when traveling or on the go. The ideal introduction for all those wanting to try before they buy.

Please consult individual products for use.

Beauty Drops Lavender (0.5 oz), Beauty Drops Geranium (0.5 oz), Beauty Drops Clary Sage (0.5 oz), Beauty Drops Maqui Berry PM (0.5 oz), Mini Neck+ (0.25 oz), Mini Eye+ (0.25 oz), and a never before seen .8 oz Maqui Berry Beauty Whip, contained in a custom zip closure jute pouch.


“Normally I just bring my Beauty Drops and Eye+ with me when I travel so I don’t have to lug a ton of my products. This travel kit has allowed for me to bring everything I love and swap out my Beauty Drops for another blend, should the weather change.”