Senia Hot & Cold Smart Facial Steamer


How We Skincare 💛

After a long day, treat yourself to the Senia Hot + Cold Smart Facial Steamer that clarifies + hydrates your skin like a pro. It’s your own personal sauna! The steamy therapeutic experience steams away impurities, softens skin, and preps your face for a more effective skincare routine with immunity boosting results Say goodbye to breakouts and dry, parched air and hello to fresh, renewed + softer-feeling skin. Pro tip: Add a pinch of our Marigold Glow Facial Steam to turn your bathroom into a custom sauna experience.


  • Helps steam away impurities
  • Clarifies, hydrates + softens skin
  • Helps make skin more receptive for a more-effective skincare routine
  • Hot mode opens pores to better absorb serums, mask and treatments. Hot mode dilates pores to replenish moisture and decongest skin of impurities. Cold mode closes pores, tightens skin and locks-in moisture.

  • Includes alternate essential oil baskets

  • Comes with a plug-in electrical cord

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