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Ooh La Trend: Twistback Braid

braid fashion hair style trend

You might not have eyes in the back of your head...  But how about a braid!   How gorgeous are these braids that wrap around the back of the head? We love keeping our hair up off our necks in the most stylish way possible. From loose & diagonal to tight & straight across, we can't get enough. It's always fun to surprise people and add that little extra touch of personal style that leaves them looking while you strut on!  For information on how to achieve this timeless braid and other fun twisty looks, go HERE.

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Ooh La Trend: The Faux Hawk

faux hawk hair style trend

Ladies, allow us to introduce you to our favorite new hair trend: The Faux Hawk!  This is the perfect mix of EDGE and FEMININITY. Plus, sleep on it and watch your morning-after curls bounce their way through the rest of the weekend! Check out these cool Faux Hawk ideas... Would you ever rock a Faux Hawk?

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Eye Inspiration: Graphic Eye Make-Up

color design eye fashion inspiration style

    Looking for something unique when it comes to eye makeup? How about a graphic or geometric design? This style is just different enough to set you apart but not too over-the-top to wear on a night out with the girls! We like using blacks and blues, so not to overpower the sassy shapes! 

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Eye Inspiration: Seriously Smoky

eye fashion inspiration smoky eye style

  These smoky, smoldering eyes are no joke!  Winter is the perfect time to adorn yourself in dark tones, such as plum, black, gunmetal, and espresso to compliment any eye color! Few coats of volumizing mascara...cue the head turns! 

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