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Skinny Tips: Homemade Cuticle Cream

cream cuticle diy homemade nails

Want to make your own cuticle cream in the comfort of your own home? Here's an easy & fun recipe with no chemicals added! Whip up your own Honey Cuticle Cream in less than five minutes flat. And recycle your metal Altoid tins! How perfect is that? DIY Honey Cuticle Cream 1.5 ounces beeswax 3 ounces apricot kernel oil (substitute half of the apricot kernel oil with SkinOwl's Argan Infusion for even more hydration) 1 tablespoon honey Melt the wax and oil in the microwave, stir in the honey, and pour into tins or other containers. Lather and enjoy! Re-blogged...

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Passion for Purple: The Ombre Manicure

manicure nails ombre purple

We love all of the nail art going on right now!  One manicure idea that screams FUN without being too over the top is The Ombre Manicure.  Here's how you get the look: Pick your favorite light hue for your thumb nail. Using different shades of that color, paint each nail a little bit darker than the one before it, until you reach your pinky nail. Naturally, we prefer purple but this idea works for any color that you love! Go from white to black, peach to coral, or baby pink to magenta. You choose! 

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Steals and Deals: Three Zoya Nail Polishes for Free!

deal nail polish nails savings Zoya

Thank you, Stassa Annison, one of our loyal SkinOwl clients for passing this amazing eco-friendly deal along...    We've talked incessantly about Zoya's all-natural Nail Polish. And now you can get THREE FOR FREE! From now until January 13th, pick three bottles of Zoya nail polish for free, just pay shipping and processing charges of $10. Here's how it works: Create an account on and add at least three polish shades to your shopping cart. Enter ZOYA2013 into the coupon code field, press "Apply Code" and voila!    Enjoy! 

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SkinOwl Purple: Nails, Ring, Clutch

fashion insp inspiration nails purple

  SkinOwl purple is regal, royal, and sophisticated. Just like you! That's why we are loving these deep purple nails, ring, and clutch. Throw different textures of the same color together for the perfect winter luxury look!

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