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Skingredients: Lavender

argan argan oil homeopathic lavender

One of the most widely known benefits of Lavender is respiratory relief! It is especially beneficial to the respiratory tract in particular coughs, colds, and influenza. It eases breathing when lungs and sinuses are choked with phlegm and defends the system against airborne viruses.   During this cold and flu season, it's not a bad idea to coat your body in some Lavender Oil!  Luckily we have our Argan Infusion Lavender Oil to help you out.  After all, you can never be too careful! For product information click HERE!

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Fall in love with your skin!

argan oil clary sage geranium homeopathic lavender skin

We are ALL in a relationship with ourselves; today, tomorrow, and everyday after that! So whether it's Valentine's Day or June 20th, we should always love all that we are: in mind, body, and soul!   Show your skin how much you love it with one of our Argan Infusion Oils.  If you love your skin it will love you back! To find out more about our different Argan Infusion Oils visit the product pages HERE!

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Skingredients: Geranium

argan oil geranium homeopathic skin

How much do we love Geranium? Let us count the ways!  Geranium oil serves as a natural astringent, antiseptic AND stimulant. You can use this incredible homeopathic oil an assortment of skin conditions, such as acne, dermatitis, congestion, excess oil, eczema, chronic dryness, and stretch marks!  What can't it do? We're not really sure! Which is why it was picked as one of the three essential oils we chose to infuse into our Argan Infusion products. We know people say it all the time, but you'll see beautiful changes in your skin OVERNIGHT. Start lathering and enjoy the ride to glowing...

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